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How much do tracks cost?

Each product is priced accordingly and there are quantity discounts available

How long will my order take to arrive?

Downloads are instant.  Physical orders usually only take a 1-3 working days to arrive to UK addresses. International orders really depend on the destination, but orders going to Europe generally take less than 1 week.

I have accidentally ordered the wrong track, can I edit the disc once the order has been placed?

Sorry, once the order has been placed there is no way we can edit the disc. The discs get made & dispatched automatically to increase delivery speed, so please make sure you order correctly

I don’t like the disc, can I return it for a refund?

Sorry, due to the fact discs are custom made a refund will not be issued on anything other than faulty products. Even with faulty discs they must be reported within two weeks of ordering or a refund can’t be issued. Not being happy with the quality/version of a track is not a valid reason for a refund.
Please make sure you watch the video samples before ordering, that way you can check you're happy with the track prior to placing your order.

I can't find the track I want?

If you can't find the track you want then we probably don't have it available. You can put a request in using the contact us page, and we will try our best to get the song added.

We are adding tracks to our catalogue faster than any other company, so keep checking back 

What is the maximum/minimum amount of tracks I can order?

For each CDG & DVD disc, you have to order a minimum of 5 tracks and a maximum of 20 (or 70 minutes, which ever comes first)

There are no minimum or maximum order restrictions for MP3+G or MP4 download formats

Can I order more than one disc at a time to save on postage costs?

Yes, you can order multiple discs on the same order and only pay one postage charge, just use the create new disc buttons in the top left corner of the page. When adding a track, use the drop down menu that appears to select which disc to add it to.

I can't get my downloaded files to work/burn to disc, can you send me the tracks I downloaded on CDG/DVD?

Sorry, if you have chosen to download your tracks we can't send you the files on disc. We have to pay royalties every time we sell tracks, so if you want the same files on disc, you will have to pay for them. 

Why is there no download option for some songs?

Due to a recent change in licensing laws in the UK many tracks are no longer available for digital download or streaming, so there we have had to remove those options. All tracks can currently still be purchased on CDG or DVD disc.

Will your discs show on screen lyrics?

Yes, our discs will show on screen lyrics like a normal Karaoke disc. 
Our CDG discs have to be played in a CDG player, our DVD discs will work in any DVD Player.

I just want a normal audio CD to play on a normal CD player, is this possible?

Our CDG discs will play in a normal CD player like a normal CD (audio only)
To see the on screen lyrics you will need a CDG Karaoke player

Can I select to have a song in a different key?

Sorry, we can only supply tracks in the original key.

My MP3+G files do not work on my karaoke player, even though it says it plays MP3+G

We sell tracks in MP3+G zipped format, this is basically a zip file that contains two separate files, an MP3 audio file & a CDG file that contains the on screen lyrics. Many popular karaoke players that play MP3+G require the tracks to be "unzipped" or "extracted" before they will recognise them.

To do this simply right click on the zip file and select “extract here” or “extract all” which should then extract the MP3 & CDG file stored inside. Then simply copy these two files on to your SD card or USB stick and insert in to your karaoke player.

PLEASE NOTE, be careful not to rename the extracted files, as the MP3 and CDG file must be named identically for them to work together.